Syndol Packaging

New Syndol Pack Sizes

Our Syndols are from South africa and therefore the packaging varies.

What Our Syndol Packaging Looks Like

Syndols in their South African packaging

Be aware that the syndols we provide are the original syndols that you have always used. The only difference between ours and the ones that use to be available in the UK is the packaging. As we have stated before, we source our product from South Afica and their packaging is different. But the ingredients are the same.

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In accordance with new legislation in South Africa, all pharmaceutical products containing 10mg of codeine in pack sizes of 100 tablets are being repackaged into smaller pack sizes of 10, 18 and 40 tablets.

The 10 and 18 packs are already widely in circulation, and we are awaiting confirmation from Adcock-Ingram and other suppliers on the release date of the 40 pack.

As we had fair warning about the change, we secured a large volume of 100 packs. We are now nearing the end of stock and will be implementing a change in the packing, which will cause the least amount of disruption to you, our loyal Customer.

What This Means For Our Customers When Ordering Syndol

We will continue to offer the 100, 200 and 400 Products, but you will see that they may contain smaller pack sizes to make up the total order. Eg. (5 x 18’s and 1 x 10’s) or (2 x 40’s and 2 x 10’s) Totaling 100 Tablets.

Although the cost of the new packs has increased, we have decided to keep the pricing as is to ease the transition until further notice.

You will still receive the same options for Delivery, and same excellent service.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns or queries.